A long time ago (1984) I bought My 69 GTO. A loaded weapon in the hands of an infant. I did not even know if it was a real GTO. I just took the car on a test drive, hit the gas pedal...and bought it! It was a real GTO. Vin = 24237.. etc.

About My 69 GTO

As the years went by maintenance was neglected (house payments, kids, priorities) all took first place. Piece by piece the "GOAT" fell into disrepair.

Having a father-in-law who owns an autobody shop is a good thing.

In the winter of 1997-98 the work began. A new vinyl top, some tires, and the paint job. The original color verdoro green.

Verdoro Green 1969 GTO

A few years ago I added a Be cool radiator. WOW! What a difference it made.
It is no fun to overheat at Hot August Nights